"Let us not see CHRIST as just a moral teacher, but instead,
may we all see the hollowness of our life without HIM and Recognise just
how Great a Sacrifice was made for Our Own Personal Salvation,
the Gift of GOD coming Down for us, so that we May be Lifted up through our own Belief and Practice.

HE never terrorised any people into submission, but rather subjected Himself.
Let us Profess that HE IS THE WORD AND ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD, Who without change became flesh and dwelt amoung us in GRACE and TRUTH, and became the 'PRINCE OF PEACE' who SAVES us from the exile and captivity that has been imposed on us by death!"
Dr. Demetrios Katos.

Orthodox Christian Daily Readings

 Elder Porphyrios, Elder Meletios of Lardos and Elder Paisios have all recently been canonized as SAINTS in the Orthodox Church!!!
Click here to read more about the announcement from the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

SAINT Porphyrios, SAINT Meletios and SAINT Paisios, Pray to GOD for us all !!!

SAINT Porphyrios' feast day will be on the 2nd December. (Read More...)


Since the day of SAINT Meletios' actual repose is not known, his feast is celebrated together with that of his namesake St. Meletios, Bishop of Great Antioch on the
12th February. 
(Read More...)

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SAINT Paisios' feast day will be on the 12th July.
Listen to a Talk by SAINT PAISIOS (with English subtitles)



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